University Health Services

Reimagining the UHS Portal: Making access to healthcare easier


UX Researcher & Designer


Neha Dhawan & Rugved Arte


12 weeks


October, 2018 to December, 2018


User Interviews, Comparative Analysis, Literature Review, Surveys, Online Reviews, Affinity Mapping, Usability Testing, Empathy Maps, QOC, Storyboarding, Sketching, Wireframes, High Fidelity Prototypes

Problem Statement

Students at the University of Michigan find it difficult to access healthcare. Some students are not even aware of University Health Services (UHS)

Final Design Sample Webpages

Digital prototype

Solution overview


Away from home, falling sick could be a particularly stressful experience for students. Our project aims to make it easier for students to get healthcare at school.

Target Audience

All enrolled students at the University of Michigan.

Key Research Question

How do students get healthcare at UM and what are the problems that they face?

Finding problems in healthcare through interviews

We conducted 7 user and 3 stakeholder interviews to understand user needs.

Research phase 1 process

Research Methods

Research phase 2 process

Key Research Question

Are students aware of health care options at UHS and how is their experience with scheduling appointments?

Findings from interviews

user quote
user quote

Findings from survey

  • 38% respondents thought that they needed an insurance plan to get care at UHS
  • 62% respondents said that they currently call to book appointments.
  • 80% respondents said that they wouldn't call if appointments could be booked online.
  • Insights from Literature Review

  • Younger tech savvy participants are inclined to use website portals to view health reports and schedule appointments
  • Busy phone lines discourage people to call to schedule appointments
  • Online scheduling reduces the number of no-shows and real-time booking creates a more transparent system
  • Findings from Online Reviews

    We read reviews of UHS online on Yelp (23 reviews) and Google reviews (47 reviews). The average rating of UHS on Yelp was 2.3 and on Google 2.8 on a 5 point scale. Many users mentioned that scheduling appointments is a pain through calls and there should be a better solution in place.

    user quote

    Competitive Analysis

    competitive analysis table

    Empathy Maps


    A short awareness video about UHS & a website to schedule appointmemts


    We created sketched for two different versions of our solution. Then we tested our sketches with 5 users to get feedback.

    user quote
    user quote

    Awareness Video

    We created the awareness video for UHS which will be played at the orientation. The video is also embedded on the website.

    Digital Interactive Prototype before usability testing

    Try the digital prototype.

    Usability Test

    To evaluate our interface of our UHS portal, we conducted 5 usability tests. The overall feedback for booking appointments was positive but our reminder feature for urgent appointments needs some improvement.

    Three participants were females and 2 were males. All tests were conducted in person and took around 20 minutes on average. We had a pre-test and post-test questionnaire. All the users were asked to perform 2 tasks. The first task had 6 subtasks and the 2nd task had 4 subtasks.


    Things That Worked Well

    Scope For Improvement

    Users were confused about the reminders and most users were not familiar with the urgent appointments. Overall, the feature was not considered helpful by the users

    Digital Interactive Prototype after iteration

    Try the digital prototype.

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